Union Sentiment in Smoky Mountain Area

TitleUnion Sentiment in Smoky Mountain Area
Publication TypeMagazine Article
Year of Publication1989
AuthorsLawson, J. B.
MagazineSmoky Mountain Historical Society Newsletter
Issue Number3
Date Publishedautumn
SubjectsCivil War, Gatlinburg, Pi Beta Phi Settlement School, Wear Valley

Describes events around Gatlinburg during the Civil War, including the incident when Confederate soldiers saluted the Union flag posted at the Little River Gap, the sanctuary of Parson Brownlow, the struggle to survive in Wears Valley, and the attempt of Colonel Thomas to establish a Confederate Empire.


Full text is available to members of the Smoky Mountain Historical Society. It reprints a history of the Civil War originally presented as an address at the "Old Timers Day" celebration of the Settlement School and later published in The Arrow.