Stones of Remembrance

TitleStones of Remembrance
Publication TypeMagazine Article
Year of Publication1992
AuthorsCardwell, Glenn
MagazineSmoky Mountain Historical Society Newsletter
Issue Number4
Date Publishedwinter
SubjectsBotany, Cherokee Indians, Early exploration, History, Logging, Park development, Park personnel, Tourism

This talk, given to the Smoky Mountain Historical Society, relates the history of the GSMNP by representing each era as a stone. The first stone is the mountains themselves, followed by stones for its Cherokee Heritage, Pioneer Heritage, Early Travelers and Explorers, Botanical Significance, Logging Days, Conservation, National Park Movement, National Park Management, Resources, Visitors, and Thanksgiving. There is a photo at the end of the Park archives and two employees, Kitty Manscill and Annette Evans, after the talk.


Full text is available to members of the Smoky Mountain Historical Society.