Tanasqui: A Glimpse of Sevier County 437 Years Ago

TitleTanasqui: A Glimpse of Sevier County 437 Years Ago
Publication TypeMagazine Article
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsEvans, ERaymond
MagazineSmoky Mountain Historical Society Journal and Newsletter
Issue Number4
Date Publishedwinter
SubjectsArchaeology, Early exploration

Describes the history of pre-Cherokee Indian tribes, particularly in reference to a mound known as the McCroskey Site (40SV9) at the junction of the Little Pigeon and French Broad Rivers. Covers political structure, contact with Europeans, social breakdown, arrival of the Cherokees, and recent archaeological exploration of the site. Includes an extensive bibliography.


Full text is available to members of the Smoky Mountain Historical Society.