Joseph S. Hall Great Smoky Mountains Original Recordings Collection

TitleJoseph S. Hall Great Smoky Mountains Original Recordings Collection
Publication TypeManuscript
Year of Publication1959
AuthorsHall, Joseph Sargent
Manuscript NumberAFC 1987/035, AFC 1958/023, AFS 13,710-13,715, AFS 13,710-13,715
Date Publishedcirca
Library/ArchiveAmerican Folklife Center, Library of Congress
Place PublishedWashington, D.C.
SubjectsDialects, Linguistics, Mountain life

From the American Folklife Center website: Folktales, local history, descriptions of local customs and practices, songs, ballads, hymns, fiddle tunes, etc., recorded between 1937 and 1941 (discs) and 1956-67 (tapes) by Joseph S. Hall in Great Smoky Mountains regions of Tennessee and North Carolina. Discs recorded with the assistance of Columbia University and the National Park Service. Archive also has 5 reels microfilm of fieldnotes, transcribed texts, and an inventory. Also unbound draft of Dictionary of Smoky Mountain Speeches; Photographs, some negatives, slides, drawings, most of them used in Hall's book, Yarns and Tales from the Great Smokies, 1978; Accompanying documentation, consisting of large envelopes and sheets (used in printing the book), placed in large manuscript box labeled "Photo Documentation." Some full-text of Tennessee recordings can be found at: For more information, see: and