Hiram Bogle (1818-1885)

TitleHiram Bogle (1818-1885)
Publication TypeMagazine Article
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsBogle, James G.
MagazineSmoky Mountain Historical Society Journal and Newsletter
Issue Number3 & 4
Date Publishedfall-winter
SubjectsCivil War, Land tenure, Mountain people -- Genealogy, Religion

An extensive description of the author's efforts to collect Bogle genealogy and family stories. Mentions the Civil War, the Presbyterian Church, Major William Anderson McTeer, Eusebia, his exile upon Brownlow's governorship, and many of his financial and legal dealings. Includes six photographs, a photocopy of Bogle's oath of loyalty, 44 notes, a bibliography, and a line of descent chart.


Full text is available to members of the Smoky Mountain Historical Society.