Charles McGaha: An American Hero

TitleCharles McGaha: An American Hero
Publication TypeMagazine Article
Year of Publication1995
AuthorsShular, James E.
MagazineSmoky Mountain Historical Society Journal and Newsletter
Issue Number4
Date Publishedwinter
SubjectsCocke County, World War II

An extended treatment of the life and military service of Charles McGaha, a Cocke County native whose service in World War II earned him a Congressional Medal of Honor. It covers personal life as well as military posts, and includes many of the celebrations held in his honor over the ensuing years. Includes twelve photographs, four photocopied documents, and an image of his medal. On page 23, there is an additional photograph, of McGaha next to Sgt. York for the American Legion parade in Chatanooga.


Full text is available to members of the Smoky Mountain Historical Society.