Arrowmont the craft school and the cottage industry

TitleArrowmont the craft school and the cottage industry
Publication TypeImage
AuthorsScott, Jean Wirths
DateSpring 1978
Collection NameFrom Pi Beta Phi to Arrowmont
SourceThe University of Tennessee Libraries Digital Collections
SubjectsArrowmont School of Arts and Crafts, Summer crafts workshop
  • Coverage: The Birth of Arrowmont, Gatlinburg, Tennessee, 1965-1979.
  • Bibliographic Citation: The Arrow of Pi Beta Phi, Volume 94, Number 3, Pages 19-23.
  • Detail: Seminar Studies School Future; We Love You, Marian Heard!; Topaz - Another Arrowmont Student; What is Arrowmont?; Workshop Is Scheduled For Interested Alumnae
  • Date of Document Creation: Spring 1978
  • Document ID: arr9430019_0000