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Roth, Albert "Dutch" Gordon. New bridge on Newfound Gap Highway at the Chimneys campground before the road was finished. The clearing near the other end of the bridge is where the campground is now.. The University of Tennessee Libraries Digital Collections: Albert Gordon "Dutch" Roth Digital Photograph Collection, 1930.
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Roth, Albert "Dutch" Gordon. New foot bridge on Little Pigeon River near forks of Ramsey Prong. Built by the Civilian Conservation Corps.. The University of Tennessee Libraries Digital Collections: Albert Gordon "Dutch" Roth Digital Photograph Collection, 1935.
Le Compte, Lamar Campbell, J L. Widman, and Asheville Postcard Company. New Found Gap Highway, Near Gatlinburg, Tenn. in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. D. H. Ramsey Library, Special Collections, University of North Carolina, Asheville: L.C. Le Compte Postcard Collection (1910-1977), 1950.
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Roth, Albert "Dutch" Gordon. New highway to Cades Cove.. The University of Tennessee Libraries Digital Collections: Albert Gordon "Dutch" Roth Digital Photograph Collection, 1951.
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